A study over Autism and it's Symptoms

Autism disorders

A study over Autism and it's Symptoms

Autism also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that causes the problem of social interaction, communication and behavior issues. It also includes the problem of restrictive and repetitive behavior. This disease is often seen in small children of the age group of 0-3 years. Parents often notice the signs of autism at the age of three years. The symptoms and signs of autism evolves around a wide range. Sometimes the problem of autism is not very serious or may be minor, and can be cured if the child gets the proper and full time care with special facilities.

The problems of autism develops gradually. People suffering from autism generally have the problem in communicating with others. They feel trouble in understanding the other persons feelings and thoughts. Due to such difficulties it becomes hard for the person to express their feelings or make other people understand their thoughts. For any problems related to mental disease contact Psychiatrist in Gurgaon.

People might feel that a person suffering from autism may look different from other people, but there is no such things. But people diagnosed with autism may behave, communicate, think, interact and feel in different ways from other people. People suffering from autism may sometimes are gifted with a very high and good learning abilities, thinking and problem-solving abilities but there are also some people who are severely affected by the problems of autism and may lack good learning or thinking abilities.

Autism affects ones life so badly that some people need help from others in performing their daily life activities where, there are some who doesn't need much help.

Symptoms and Signs of Autism

To better recognize whether a person is suffering from Autism or not, it is beneficial to know and understand the signs & symptoms of it. Symptoms that are often seen in Adults or children are-

  • Lack of eye contact while talking with others.
  • Lack of interest in any objects.
  • Problem in facing other people or lack of interest in interacting with people and prefer to be left alone.
  • Face difficulty in understanding other people's thought & expressing their own feelings.
  • Avoid being affectionate by others or only want when they need to be.
  • Intense or less interest in certain topics.
  • Repetitive behavior i.e. repeating certain phrases or words or doing some over and over again.
  • Not looking at or listening to other people when pointing at certain things.
  • Trouble in adapting & coping up with the changes.
  • Talking in a unclear or robotic voice.

  • Some people show the sign of autism during the time of birth only but generally the symptoms are seen in children at the age of three. Gurgaon Multi Specialty Clinic has brought the facility of online consultation with doctors. You have to take online appointment and just by staying at your home you can consult with your doctor.


    Autism symptoms and affects may last through out a persons life. Therefore, proper care is required to cure the problem. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon is referred to people suffering from autism.


    The problems of autism develops gradually. People suffering from autism generally have the problem in communicating with others.