Deep Brain Stimulation resort for patient with Major Depression

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation resort for patient with Major Depression

Deep Brain Stimulation is a neurosurgical procedure that was used to heal movement disorders, Parkinson disease and other related nervous system disorders. With more researches and studies deep brain stimulation is now also used to treat obsessive compulsive disorder and major depression.

Psychiatrist in Gurgaon is using this neurosurgical treatment called deep brain stimulation to treat their patient that is facing major psychiatric disorders. According to psychiatrist in Gurgaon it is a myth that Deep Brain Stimulation will cure disease this technique is used to lessen the symptoms to provide relief to the patient. After Deep Brain Stimulation patient will find significant change in their behaviour.

Associated Risk factor with Deep Brain Stimulation:

As Deep Brain Stimulation involves major brain surgery therefore risk factor involves high level. It also involves certain level of side effects that may however be temporary in nature. Some side effects that are linked with Deep Brain Stimulation include infection, hallucinations, stroke, headache and seizure.

Deep Brain Stimulation and its success rate :

Psychiatrist in Gurgaon believes that success rate of Deep Brain Stimulation is entirely depends on patient satisfaction and according to psychiatrist in Gurgaon success rate is as good as 95% which is clinically a good number. The success rate is high as doctors carefully calculate the potential risks and benefits and accordingly plan the surgery.

Deep Brain Stimulation relation in curing depression :

Major Depression is known by various names like clinical depression, unipolar depression or major depressive disorder. Patient with major depression find difficult to work, sleep, study, or perform any daily activities. Such patient goes through constant feeling sadness, hopelessness, the extent is such that patient develops suicidal tendencies and want to put an end to their life.

At an initial phase Psychiatrist treats these patients with basic psychiatric treatment that follows psychotherapy and medications but in certain patients these treatments result in failure it is in such situation psychiatric aims to provide relief to the patient through Deep Brain Stimulation.

When all resorts fails in succeeding in treating depression Deep Brain Stimulation plays a vital role in such patient life. When patient do not respond to the treatments, therapy, medication, talk therapy and electro conclusive therapy patient are suggested for Deep Brain Stimulation.

Deep Brain Stimulation acts as last resort for these patients in hands of psychiatrist to give these patient reliefs and a normal life. Such treatments take time and are done after proper research n test of patient medical background.


What is Deep Brain Stimulation? The risks factors associated with Deep Brain Stimulation. What is the Success rate of Deep Brain Stimulation treatment and how Deep Brain Stimulation is successful in treating major depression? For best treatment take appointment of Dr. Vipul Rastogi.