How to maintain mental health amidst COVID 19?


How to maintain mental health amidst COVID 19?

The Corona virus pandemic has resulted in starvation, mass unemployment, increasing gender based violence, homelessness, financial problems, debts and loans, and slipping lots of people into poverty.

The post- COVID times would surely show a huge rise in the mental health problems, anxiety disorders, self-harm or suicide, health issues, depression, stress and alcohol dependence. This mental health crisis might unleash more despair or deaths than COVID itself. Here are tips and suggestions, which during the pandemic time would be surely useful and visiting a psychiatrist in Gurgaon would be one of the best options.

Stay informed
Follow the government's recommendations and suggestions including the suggestions from state authorities and local authorities. Follow the trusted sources of news.

Follow a healthy routine

  • Fixed time of wake and sleep
  • Healthy meals and proper timings
  • Moderate and daily exercise
  • Appropriate relaxation and time spent in leisure activities

  • Minimize the newsfeeds

    Try to reduce media use or listen to news that make you worry. Check for the latest details only once or twice a day at different times of the day as appropriate.

    Restrict smoking and use of alcohol

    You must restrict the amount of alcohol you consume or the best option is to stop the consumption of alcohol completely. Try avoiding smoking and use of drugs as a way to deal with social isolation, boredom, stress and anxiety.

    Social media

    Be aware about the misinformation that is circulated on social media. Make use of social media for promoting hopeful and positive studies.

    Try to help others

    If you are in the state of helping people then try offering help to whomever need it, try helping people by offering them with groceries and food supplies.

    In circumstances of confusion, anxiety and worry are natural emotions. Yet they also express themselves in ways that can hurt others. Be kind.-Be good. Do not discriminate and do not allocate it to any specific category against people that you think may have Coronavirus, health workers.


    It is advised to visit a psychiatrist in Gurgaon who can help you to deal with your anxiety and stress post COVID 19.