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Patient reviews for Psychiatrist in Gurgaon
Suresh Yadav review for Dr Vipul Rastogi- Gurgaon Multispeciality Clinic
Psychiatrists in Gurgaon are the best as they have helped me in curing the problem of anxiety & depression which i have been facing for so many days. I refer Dr.Vipul Rastogi, he is one if the best doctors i have ever met.

Simran review for Dr Vipul Rastogi (GMC)
I was suffering from the problem of bipolar disorders and when its symptoms started worsening then i rushed to the Dr Vipul Rastogi and they helped me in tackling with it.

Gurgaon Multispeciality Clinic User's review for Dr. Ratika Sharma
It was hard for me to maintain personal & social relationship due to the mental problems I was diagnosed with, but with help of best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon Dr. Ratika Sharma i am recovering faster.

Mr Ramesh Aggarwal review for Dr. Kalpana Raman (GMC)
Mental disorders make you disable in dealing with your daily life activities, but with the help of medications and psychotherapy I am able in avoiding all such problems. All thankx to Dr. Kalpana Raman because of him I am doing well.

Reshma review for Dr. Aparna-Gupta (GMC)
I was so badly affected with the problem that I started to have excess use of drugs and alcohols, but when I met with the psychiatrist Dr. Ramesh Aggarwal and he gave me medications, i soon started avoiding all those bad things and recovering from it faster. I refer you guys to meet Dr.Aparna-Gupta.

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