Understand the Difference Between General Practitioner and a Psychiatrist

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Understand the Difference Between General Practitioner and a Psychiatrist

We often make use of word “doctor” and liberally interchange it with the psychiatrist. The reason behind this is quite simple, the psychiatrists are in fact the doctors but they are the specialists. The specialists have all the rights and privileges which any other doctor has and can probably remove the spleen if the occasion is called for it.

Although, there are some important differences between the general doctors and psychiatrists in particular hence sometimes you might need to visit a Psychiatrist in Gurgaon while sometimes any old doctor would do. So, how to know that there is a need to visit a psychiatrist in Gurgaon?

Why you need a psychiatrist?

The psychiatrists are the medical doctors those are specialized in the training of mental health. Hence, instead of being just a general practitioner, they have attended extra schooling in specializing mental health.

One must not get confused with the psychologist who isn’t a medical practitioner and instead is a specialist in psychology. They are the therapists and they cannot prescribe any medicines.

You should not get confused with your family doctor, who is a general practitioner. Any general practitioner’ job is to take care of all the daily scrapes and cuts of life and to know when to refer the patient to other doctor.

General Practitioners and Mental Illness

Anyone suffering from mental illness must have proper health evaluation by the psychiatric professional i.e. a psychiatrist. The General practitioners are not be able to recognize the complex mental illness often diagnosing depression whenever it is not depression at all.

The General Practitioners do not diagnose cancer but a specialist does that and the same would be true for the mental illness. After you are diagnosed by the psychiatrist it might then be possible to have your condition managed through the general practitioner either now or in near future.

There is nothing wrong with the general practitioner; they are not the specialists, that’s all. One must always remember, the psychiatrists see the patients every day those are just like you but the general practitioner does not. The general practitioner do eye examinations and physical examinations thereby prescribing antibiotics and also looks down at people’s throats the whole day. No one would help you in the case of bipolar disorder.


In order to get proper treatment on your mental illness, you need to visit the Psychiatrist in Gurgaon. If you are not sure when to visit a psychiatrist , then you can contact your general practitioner.