Psychology and its various perspectives.

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Psychology and its various perspectives.

Psychology is the art and science of studying the behavior and mind of a person. It includes the scientific study of the mind and also studies the behavior of the person. Psychology is all about understanding the conscious and unconscious phenomena of the person, their thoughts, actions and feelings. By establishing the general principles and researching about specific and unique cases Psychologists aims at understanding individuals and groups of people.

Today in this blog let us understand the various perspectives of Psychology. In contemporary psychology there are various approaches. An approach is a view upon the certain beliefs or assumptions about the mind and behaviors of human beings, how the behave, their functional activities, thoughts, feelings and actions, to study what are the interesting parts in them and the methods and research involved in studying them. Top 10 Psychiatrist in Gurgaon and Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are well behaved and treat their patients well.

Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon and Top 10 Psychiatrist in Gurgaon make use of the best research techniques and methods to study the mind and behavior of a person. An approach may consists of several different theories, but all the approach have the same assumptions as one approach has. People might wonder and get confused by the question regarding many different psychology perspectives. They also wonder which one of the approach is correct and which one is wrong.

It is difficult for the psychiatrist to say which of the psychology perspective or approach is correct. But there is a belief that Behaviorist Perspectives was the only right psychology perspective. Besides this people must know and understand that each one of the perspectives are important and has its own strengths, weakness, merits and demerits. Each perspectives helps us in knowing the different kind of human behaviors and their actions & thoughts.

Brief explanation about six main psychological perspectives

1- Behaviorist Perspectives

It is a theoretical perspective in which the behaviors & learning of humans are explained. Behaviorist believed that human behaviors are controlled and triggered by their interaction with the environment. They observe how they response in certain cases.

2- Cognitive Perspective

Another perspective of psychology is cognitive perspective. It is a theoretical perspective that study how does human mind work i.e. how people speak, what are rheir thinking process, their memory power, what they perceive and how they solve the problem.

3- Developmental Perspective

One of the perspective is developmental perspective. It focuses on the change the occurs to human during the time of their developmental stage. It comprises of the continuous and discontinuous nature of theories.

4- Psychodynamic Perspective

This perspective is mainly known due to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis. He believes that our actions are not just a co-incident these are all predetermined. As per Freud's psychoanalysis our past childhood events have impacts on our behaviors and actions.

5- Biological Perspective

It is another theoretical perspective of psychology. Bio-psychiatrist believes that our genetics and evolutions plays a significant role in influencing our behaviors. Human behaviors are affects by the biological factors such as hormones, chromosomes and brains.

6- Humanism Perspective

It studies about the human being as a whole. Psychologist observe the behaviors of the person not as someone else, they sees it the way the person who is behaving. They believe that a persons actions and feelings are all inherent from inside and all human beings are unique in their own way and has right to act accordingly.


As we have read that psychology consists of various kinds of perspectives. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon studies all this perspective of a person and help them.