Things you must know before you visit for Psychotherapy.

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First let us know what is psychotherapy is about. Psychotherapy which is also referred as talk therapy is one of the treatment used by the Psychiatrists to help cure their patients. The person who gives psychotherapy is known as Psychotherapists. People suffering from mental disorders or undergoing emotional difficulties, psychiatrists with the help of psychotherapy try to control and eliminate all the disturbing and weird symptoms that a person experiences due to such problems. They help in making their patients life healthier and increase their well being.

As we know that mental illness are very dangerous and it severely affects the daily life of the people. It causes problem in coping with the daily life. Therefore before the conditions of a patient worsen they should immediately contact Psychiatrist in Gurgaon. Before meeting up with a Psychotherapist, one should always do a research on them like checking upon their education, certification, experiences and background. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are all specialists and have a very good background.

Depending on the educations and role of a trained psychotherapist, they can have different job titles. As Psychotherapist is not a job title it is a general term. Doctors of medical field who specializes in mental health can also has the right to prescribe medications and provide psychotherapy. Most of them might have done specific training in psychological counselling and also has Master's or Doctoral degree. Here some examples of psychotherapists like psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counsellors, psychiatric nurses, etc.

About First therapy session
When you first visit for a psychotherapy session then, the therapist or psychotherapists first gather all the relevant information’s about the problem you face and about yourself. You must tell about your all past and present experiences and health conditions. As it will be needful for them to help you tackle the problem. The therapist will need some time to better understands you and your problem so as to determine the best approach or therapy for you.

It will be also beneficial for you as at the beginning only you will get to know about your therapists and the type of therapy or course they are going to apply on you. You must ask and understand what therapy you are undergoing, what will be the length of your therapy session and how much therapy session you'll have ?

Varieties of Psychotherapy
Here are some types of therapy that you might get to experience in your session. There are many types of therapy and all the therapies and their cure differ as per the disorders. Hence, here are the list of therapies that are considered to be the most effective ones:

1) Cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT)- It is a kind of therapy which helps you in replacing all the negative thoughts and beliefs, unhealthy behaviours with the positive and healthy thoughts.
2) Acceptance and commitment therapy- This helps in coping and adjusting with the situations. This also helps in making yourself aware of your behaviours, thoughts and actions.
3) Dialectical behaviour therapy- This therapy is similar with the CBT and teaches various behavioural skills that helps you in handling and managing your emotions, stress and actions.
4) Interpersonal Psychotherapy- This therapy generally focuses on improving your relationship with family and others. This helps in solving problems with your current relations and improve your interpersonal skills and teaches you how to relate with others.
5) Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis therapies- This therapy is all about increasing awareness regarding the unconscious thoughts, behaviours and actions. It helps in developing new insights and resolving conflicts.

If you want to consult a psychiatrist and not keen on visiting the clinic then Gurgaon Multi Speciality clinic has brought the facility if online video consultation. Now you can have online appointments and chat with your doctor through video.


Psychiatrists in Gurgaon are the best in handling their clients. They have experience about all the types of psychotherapies and has masters degree in mental health.


Psychotherapist after knowing your problem and understanding you, they will determine which therapy should be given to you for your faster and healthy recovery.