What is a hallucination?

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What is a hallucination?

A false perception that can seem exceptionally real to a person or individual is called hallucination. The most common type of hallucinations are visual and auditory.


Hallucinations can affect any of the senses. For example, people often report that see or hear something that actually doesn’t exist.. While hallucinations can have a wide variety of content, they frequently involve negative or frightening stimuli.

Types of hallucinations are categorized by the types of senses they affect. The five types of hallucinations are mentioned below

  1. An auditory hallucination is the most common type of hallucination. in this type of hallucination people often hear something in the absence of an actual stimulus.
  2. A visual hallucination refers to when a person sees something that is not actually there. Insects, flashes of light, shadows are some common examples of visual hallucinations.
  3. Tactile hallucinations effects a person sense of touch. An example of tactile hallucination is the feeling of something crawling on a body even though it is not there.
  4. An olfactory hallucination affects the smelling power of a person. During this type of hallucinations people generally feel the smell coming from the environment of their own body.
  5. Gustatory hallucinations affect the sense of taste. A feeling of an odd taste or loss or no taste in the absence of an actual stimulus can be referred to as gustatory hallucinations


According to psychiatrist in Gurgaon, hallucinations can be caused by a very high fevers brain tumors and other illness. However mental illness is the major reason for chronic hallucination. The most common cause of hallucinations is schizophrenia, but it can also be induced by psychotic episodes. Substance abuse and brain damage can also induced psychosis, it may be also because of genetic components There is some evidence that early childhood trauma and abuse can contribute to the later development of psychotic conditions.


Knowing the cause of the hallucination may help a lot in the course of the treatment. A physical examination is very important to know if medical conditions such as high fever are contributing to the hallucinations. Antipsychotic medicines are generally used to cure and hallucinations caused by mental health conditions.

In some cases, people who are experiencing hallucinations may be resistant to treatment, particularly if they do not recognize their hallucinations as false or if their hallucinations make them feel that the doctor the medical registration practitioner is trying to harm him or her. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are always ready to help people with hallucinations and are trying their best to resolve such kind of issues


Hallucination if not treated on time can be very dangerous for life. That is why early treatment are always recommended for every persons before the situations worsen.


Hallucinations can affect any of the senses. For example, people often report that see or hear something that actually doesn’t exist..