Why It Is Important To Know Your Feelings

We all experience many kinds of emotions because we need them.

Emotions enable us to express our needs to others, such as when we are depressed and need help. They can help us to take quick action when needed. For example, when you are ready to cross the road, you panic and jump over the curb again, and you see a car speeding up. Emotions can sometimes be thought of as "gut feelings" or intuition, and they also provide important information.

What is emotional invalidation?

When we tell someone that what they are feeling is "wrong," we are engaging in emotional invalidation.

Sometimes it can feel like "you're overreacting, just get over it, at least you have [blank] or just good vibes," or "you're just being dramatic." Through our own words, we can harm ourselves in the same way.

Validation, which is the opposite of invalidation, is when we express that a person's feelings make sense, or at least are understandable.

Why is emotional rejection painful?

Because it suggests that perceived emotions are somehow flawed or undesirable, validation hurts.

This makes it challenging to understand our emotions, digest them and seek help from others.

On the other hand, validation strengthens our relationships with others and reduces feelings of loneliness. We feel more connected to others and better able to solve problems when we receive validation.

How can admitting you don't feel good be beneficial?

Simply naming your feelings—without judgment—can help with emotional regulation. Emotions will flow in and out like waves if we allow them to. Instead of trying to tame a massive tsunami, the intention is to ride the wave of emotion.

How is ignoring someone's anger, sadness, or grief harmful?

When we suppress our emotions, they resurface later, sometimes stronger than before. This is called the "boomerang effect". By allowing ourselves to experience their full range, we can avoid settling and instead move forward.

Why are we experiencing emotional difficulties as the Covid-19 pandemic continues? Everyone feels bad and weak from time to time. Physical illness, sleep disorders, extreme fatigue, substance abuse, starvation or overeating, excessive demands on our time, and environmental hazards are all things that increase our sensitivity to negative emotions.

These factors are now more prevalent and/or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this means that more people are experiencing negative and overwhelming emotions as the epidemic spreads.

When should you seek mental health treatment?

If you find that your emotions are bothering you and/or affecting your performance, it may be time to seek professional help. The safe space that therapists and psychiatrists provide allows you to explore your feelings and seek help for life's problems.

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