Akanksha Mishra | Dance Movement Therapist | ADTA

Akanksha Mishra is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (ADTA) and a Founding Member of the Indian Association of Dance/Movement Therapy. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counselling, she has been working as a mental health professional by combining her skills of movement observation and analysis with verbal counselling techniques.

Her work experience in the past 7 years of practice in the field of mental health includes working in different clinical settings such as child development clinics, mental health therapy centres and schools.

Apart from her clinical practice, she also trains students, parents, teachers and professionals on various topics related to mental health, holds Dance/Movement therapy awareness workshops in various settings and also facilitates therapeutic movement groups for various populations.

She hopes that through movement, she is able to touch the lives of others like movement has touched hers.

Dr Akanksha Mishra