Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder: A Matter of Concern

Disruptive Impulse Control Disorder treatment

Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder: A Matter of Concern

Dr. Vipul Rastogi known Psychiatrist in Gurgaon tells that Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder is concerned with behaving angrily or aggressively towards people and their property. Basically it is result of lack of self control over emotions. Behavioural Symptoms seen in the patient with Disruptive Impulsive Control and Conduct Disorders are showing tantrums, sudden explosive anger, high temper, excessive frustration, stealing, frequent lying, isolation and unusual sexual behaviour.

Psychiatrist in Gurgaon generate awareness that if defiant behaviour in kids or Adults continues for long time frame or is encountered frequently then this becomes the matter of concern, immediately they should consult the Psychiatrist.

Disruptive Impulsive Control and Conduct Disorders are inclusive of group of disorders that are;

Oppositional defiant disorder- temper, annoying, irritable mood, anger issues, argumentative and defiant personality.

Intermittent explosive disorder- aggressive behaviour, high level of outburst, can cause harm to people and their property.

Conduct disorder- bunking school, stealing and frequent lying, engage in illegal activities, threat to law and order.

Pyromania – act of setting fire for self satisfaction and controlling behaviour.

Kleptomania- inability to control urge of stealing may be done for personal use or financial gain.

Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder is becoming the major issue for think tank as these disorders are causing harm to the law or order. Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder is creating barriers in law enforcement; these patients are unaware about their behaviour causing societal harm. Aggressive behaviour shown towards other people and animals, violating law norms and damaging property under other possession these are few behaviour seen in these patient that they are not aware that it cause harm to others.

Patient with Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder shows extreme behaviour which affects the patient as well as other people. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon faces these kind of challenging situations are puts in sincere efforts to treat these for patient and society benefit. Dr Ramesh Aggrawal provides these patients with therapies on the basis of their behavioural pattern, thought process and inner feelings. Notable part is the along with patient therapy it is necessary to provide relevant training to the patient family, friends and parents , with the joint effort of Psychiatrist and patient family, friends and parents treatment can bring out best of result in the Patient. Therefore relationship goals plays very important factor with these patient , feeling of being wanted, love , care , affection, understanding and listening to them can pave right track.


Disruptive Impulsive Control Disorder symptoms and other disorders associated with it, psychiatrist in Gurgaon role in treating these patients along with their closed ones effort.