How does a Mental ability of a person can be affected by mental illness?

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How does a Mental ability of a person can be affected by mental illness?

Mental ability is characterized by the intelligent behaviour of a person. Ones mental ability can be recognised through their intellectual abilities like understanding, observing, learning, memory, thinking capacity and an ability to handle all kind of problematic situations effectively.

Person having a good mental ability can effectively deals with all situations and always thinks in a right directions.
Some of the features of mental ability that is emphasized by the definitions given by the Psychologists are as follows:-

  • Person's intelligence is affected and influenced by both the atmosphere or environment and the heredity.
  • Psychologists say that intelligence of a person is one's innate ability.
  • Person with good mental ability has the capacity to think rationally.
  • A smart and intelligent person can easily cope up with the changes.
  • A good intellectual ability helps in tackling with all difficult and problematic situations.
  • Person with high intelligence and control over their mind has the capacity to observe, think and react to all the different situations.

  • Some person generally lack the mental ability or capacity because of various mental illness or disorders like mental health problem, dementia, or lack learning or thinking abilities.
    Some persons may not be able to do some of the following things like-
  • Difficulty in understanding any situation or information given to them.
  • Problem in remembering the information given for a long time to make decisions.
  • Unable to make others understand about their decisions or situations.
  • Unable to tackle any kind of problems or situations.

  • Every person make decisions on their own or sometimes may seek other persons advice or support but, persons suffering from mental disability may not be able to make decisions for themselves only. But it does not mean a person who is suffering from learning disability or lacks mental ability is not able to make decisions when they are well, but they cannot make decisions when they are unwell. Dementia affects the person so badly that it make them unable to think and make decisions.

    So before the situation becomes more severe or worsen a person should consult the Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon. Once the person becomes mentally disable it becomes difficult for them to do daily life activities. They slowly start isolating oneself from other people.

    Here are some list that causes person lack of mental capacity or mental ability:-

  • Learning disability.
  • Dementia.
  • Over dosage of drugs or alcohol.
  • Any kind of brain injury or stroke affects the person severely that cause them to lose their ability to think or learn.
  • If a person is going through any kind of mental treatment, sometimes also cause confusion and unconsciousness that leads to lack of mental
  • ability.

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    Mental ability of a person defines their personality. But a person who is diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder lacks the mental capacity. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon helps people in combating this problem through medications and mental treatments.


    Mental ability or mental capacity means an ability to make decisions, think rationally and an ability to communicate with others in a proper way.