How to recognize a mental disease ?

mental disease

How to recognize a mental disease?

To exactly recognize what mental illness is we first know what mental illness actually about. Mental illness or mental disorder or disease is one of the problem that affects the thoughts, behaviors or actions of a person. There are varieties of symptoms of mental illness and some of the very common mental illness are addictive behavior, depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating problems, etc.

Many people suffer from depression or anxiety problems in their daily life but when these symptoms begins to occurs frequently and start affecting your daily life activities, it may lead to serious mental illness. When will these mental disease or problems become serious and major mental illness no one knows, so people must take routine mental checkup from time to time to ensure healthy living. To tackle such problems Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon provides various facilities to help patients in getting rid from these problems.

These mental diseases or illness if not controlled under time then it may harm you very badly and can affect your life or relationships or work adversely. With the help of some psychotherapy or simply therapies like talk therapy and medications also can help in getting some relief from such mental disorders.

Nowadays, due to the situation prevailing in all parts of the country due to the outbreak of Covid-19(Coronavirus), there is also a facility of video consultations given by Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon. For those who want to consult a Psychiatrist but not keen in visiting the clinics, Gurgaon Multi Specialty Clinic is providing a facility of video consultations. Now you can have online appointment and by staying at your home you can talk to Psychiatrists.

Symptoms of Mental Illness

Some of the symptoms to identify whether a person is suffering from mental illness are as follows-

  • Mood swings- Frequent and dramatic changes in moods or emotions.
  • Loss of interests- Lack of interests in social or daily life activities.
  • Appetite or sleep changes- Major changes in eating habits and tiredness or problem in sleeping.
  • Lack of Concentration- Reduction in ability to think and concentrate, Detachment from reality or having hallucinations.
  • Fear or Nervousness- Extreme fear or feeling of guilt, excessive doubt on others.
  • Detachment- Inability to cope up with daily life activities and problems.
  • Increased Anger- Unnecessary and increase in anger or violence.
  • Unusual Behavior- Peculiar behavior and threat for suicide or thinking of suicide.

  • There may be a physical problems too like back pain, headaches, joint or stomach pains, that are the part or symptoms of mental illness. These are some symptoms that tells you to that now you need to see a doctor or psychiatrist.


    Mental illness may not be cured on their own they may require a better psychiatrist or care from family or friends so that a person can easily and soon overcome from such mental problems.


    Mental illness can be simple and of any type. They occur from our daily life problems like depression, stress or anxiety. They may cured soon or if not taken proper care they may lead to serios mental problems.