An overview on Psychology and its Two Approaches.


An overview on Psychology and its Two Approaches.

Psychology is one of the academic discipline that includes the scientific study about the mental behaviors, its faculties and functions associated with it. It is a science. Basically psychology is all about the study of human thoughts, mind, actions and behaviors and gather all possible information that helps in serving people more easily. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are one of the best in town who provides better treatment to their patients.

Psychologists examine everything and by observing they find out which is normal and healthy behavior and which is abnormal behavior. With the help of various observations, surveys and case studies, psychology helps in analyzing the thoughts, goals, feelings and actions of the people. Psychology also deals with animals besides human beings. It is believed that psychology overlaps with many other fields such as medicine, ethology, linguistics and computer science, because they have many things in common. Top 10 Psychiatrists in Gurgaon do research in various fields to come up with new ideas to help treat their patients well.

The person who practices or research on this field is known as Psychologists. The role of the Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon is to understand in the individual behavior or social behavior all the mental functions. Psychology teaches people how to read one's mind.

Now let's study about the Two methods or approaches of Psychology.

1) Scientific Approaches

As we know that psychology is a part of science, hence the methods that are used in natural sciences and social sciences are similar with the methods that are used in psychology by the Psychologists. With the help of theory that psychologists make, they try to explain people about the behavior or pattern that they see. Then on the basis of that theory they make predictions. Psychologists collect some information and do experiments to check whether the predictions which they have made were right or wrong.

Psychologists never experiments on human as it might be very dangerous, harmful, unethical, expensive and too long process. Rather they wait for some events to happen and then they focus and observe the patterns among those group of people, or they conduct experiments with the animals to check their theories. As part of their daily work psychologists use many tools, like they took surveys from people to ask what they feel or how they think.

2) Symbolic and Subjective Approaches

It is also said that, not all part of psychology includes scientific psychology. Carl Jung one of the psychologists in his old approaches said that he was more interested in finding methods for measuring the personality which people have. Psychodynamic psychology and depth psychology helps in understanding the unconscious mind of the people by interpreting people's dream. Other branches of psychology like Humanistic Psychology and existential psychology also stated that, rather than finding causes and effects of mental processes and behaviors, it should be important to understand the personal meaning.

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With time Psychology has evolved and has brought many new things to world. It plays an important part in people's life and help them in understanding the behavior of a person. Consult Psychiatrist in Gurgaon for any problem related to mental health.


Psychologists collect some information and do experiments to check whether the predictions which they have made were right or wrong.