Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its causes and difficulties.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its causes and difficulties.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious mental health problem which can be triggered if a person either witnesses it or experience it and it occurs when a severe threat or physical harm has been caused to a person. It is an aftermath of any terrifying incident or threat through which a person has gone through in past or present. Earlier it was also known as battle fatigue syndrome or shell shock.

Post traumatic stress disorder is basically a consequences of any bad event or trauma which leads to hypertension, delusion, intense fear, unnecessary worry about being killed or sexually harassed, being targeted, or horror, or helplessness. Sometimes even a sudden or unexpected death of loved ones can also cause or trigger this problem to a normal person. Person keep on blaming themselves for the death of any loved ones.

It symptoms generally include uncontrollable thoughts, unnecessary anxiety, nightmares, anger, and irritation. People suffering from traumatic disorder faces difficultly in coping up with another people and sometimes their reactions might be weird for others as it includes anger, shock, guilt, nervousness and fear. As we know that these reactions are common and any human being can have it but when it starts lasting for days, it is a warning sign of PTSD. If this problem is not cured with time, it will become strong and can even increase and continue creating difficulty for a person in living the healthy and normal life.

You should consult a psychiatrist in Gurgaon for treating this disorder. This problem can be cured if proper and good care is taken of a person and there may be a chance that it can be fully recovered in future. Every people reacts to the situations differently. Everyone has its own way and capability to tackle with the events or threat caused or fear or problem. Therefore it is not necessary that any people facing traumatic incidents can have PTSD. Sometimes with the help of family and friends one can get out of that traumatic event.

Main Symptoms of PTSD
Sometimes the severity and duration of the Traumatic disorder may vary. Its symptoms may begin within one or three months of the event or sometimes it may not appear even after the years of this event. This disease can also interfere with the daily and social life of the people.

1-Intrusive memories
This is one of the symptoms which can be seen in a person suffering from PTSD. Through unwanted or recurring memories or thoughts they relive that difficult event or moment. This symptoms may have flashback of the events, hallucinations, upsetting dreams or nightmares. Due to this they feel distress, and irritation.

This symptom enable the person to avoid going to certain places which trigger their traumatic distress. It even cause avoidance of people or situations that reminds them of that event or incidents.

3- Negativity
This may include hopelessness relating to future, negative thoughts about self and other people, doubting everyone. Memory problems, difficulty in maintaining relationship with closed ones. Problem in having positive emotions. Lack of interest in social activities and feeling of detachment from family and friends.

4-Increased arousal
This may include outburst of anger, irritations, lack of sleep, lack of concentration. It also includes physical problems such as blood pressures, rapid breathing and increased heart rate.


People having support of family and friends and getting proper care and love and living in a good atmosphere can help in fast recovery. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon can help in getting recovered. PTSD can be cured by Psychiatrist in Gurgaon.