Psychodynamic Approach and its impacts in our lives

Psychodynamic Approach and its impacts in our lives

Psychodynamic perspective or approach is one of the part of psychological approach that contributes towards the study of certain forces of psychology that includes the feelings of human, their behavior and emotions and how they are related to the past experiences of a person. One of the famous controversial and misunderstood psychological theorist Sigmund Freud, has described how the mind works, as the brain is very complicated, then how psychological energy flows through it.

There is one thing to always remember about Sigmund Freud is he was not a psychologist, he was a medical doctor. It is because at Freud's time no such psychology subject or degree was there. Due to Freud we are able to associate with modern psychology as he was the first person to systematically learn, understand and theorize the workings of the unconscious mind. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon make use of the Psychodynamic approach.

The approach of Psychodynamic comprises of all the theories that analyses the functioning of human behavior which depends upon the interaction within the persons between certain forces and drives, mainly between the different personality structures and unconscious minds. The analysis on psychology done by Freud was the original psychodynamic theory, but as a whole this approach includes the theories like Adler, Erikson & Jung which were the ideas of Freud. The psychoanalysis done by Freud comprises both a Therapy and a Theory.

Let us now study about the Psychodynamic Perspective Core Assumptions and they are-

1- Unconscious Primacy

Primary source of human behavior is unconscious mind as stated by Sigmund Freud. Psychological processes take place outside the conscious awareness. As per psychoanalysis mind includes the mental processes that influences the behaviors, actions, feelings and judgements but are inaccessible to consciousness. All our actions are the aftermath of our past experiences.

2- Childhood experiences

As per Psychodynamic Theory the events or incidences which has took place in our past or childhood plays an important role in shaping our personality and also has a great influence on our adulthood. The memories of the past events or incidences remains in our unconscious mind and may occur as critical mental problems during our adulthood. The conflicts that has occurred in our childhood at different times helps in shaping our personality.

3- Psychic Causality

The last assumptions of the Psychodynamic perspective is Psychic Causality or determinants. Sigmund Freud believed that all our actions and behaviors are not by chance or accident, all of it are determined or significant. The theory states that in mental life there is no such things likes random thoughts, slip of tongue or motive or behavior. Everything was predetermined. They all are the outcomes of the combination of some identifiable psychological and biological processes. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon believes in the Psychoanalysis done by Freud.


Psychodynamic approach tells us about our conscious and unconscious mind and how are actions, feelings and behaviors are based upon it.