How Psychosomatic Disorder can affect your life.

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How Psychosomatic Disorder can affect your life.

Psychosomatic Disorder is one of the psychiatric disorder which affects both the mind and the body. The word psychosomatic consists of two things i.e. psyche which means mind and soma means body. The symptoms of psychosomatic disorder are real and is caused by the mind and is influenced by the emotions and not by any organic cause of the body.

As we know that some of the mental factors like depression and anxiety can severely affect the other mental illness. Persons present mental condition can have adverse affect to the disease they are diagnosed with. This illness can be caused due to hyper tension or emotional stress and can also be caused by any physical harm caused to the body or any other symptoms. When the person's immune system is weak due to chronic stress it can lead to depression which can contribute in worsening the illness caused due to psychosomatic disorder.

There is a misconception related to psychosomatic disorder that it is just like hallucinations or it is all in the head of a person nothing is realistic. In contrary, the illness caused by the disorder is worse and its symptoms are the early warning signal for the need of better treatment. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon can help you get out of this problem and gives you a speedy recovery. Timely and effective treatment is the need of every patient but due to the social stigma which is attached to the psychosomatic disorder can prevent anyone from taking treatment. The proper treatment of this illness is not yet confirmed because there is the disfigurement in the medical research sector as the system which studies the stress - illness relationship is not clearly understood by the doctors.

Every physical disease involves some mental reaction to it which may increase the illness. It depends on our behaviour that how we deal with our diseases and it vary from person to person. Let us take one example a person suffering from psoriasis has rashes it may not bother him, but other person is suffering from the same psoriasis problem and it affects him a lot and due to that it may lead to depression. When there is no physical disease involved but the physical symptoms are caused by the mental factors, people may term it as psychosomatic disorder.


Symptoms of psychosomatic disorder are not solely understood but it can be associated with the symptoms of stress. You may not figure out the exact symptoms of stress but here are some signs which may help you to know when your are undergoing extreme stress and it may help you in reducing stress and improving your health too.

1. Increased heartbeat.
2. Lack of concentration in certain things.
3. Shivering and sweaty palms.
4. Increased curiosity.

Symptoms may vary depending on the gender of the person. Women under stress may have the problem of irritation, lack of sleep, delay in menstrual period. Whereas men undergoing extreme stress will have the problem of blood pressure, lack of interest from personal activities, chest pain etc.

Treatments may involve meditations and operations for physical symptoms. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon may focus on the whole problem and will monitor both mind and body and also take into account the mental factors that helps in igniting other problems too.


Psychiatrist in Gurgaon provide you with best treatment which help you get easy and faster recovery. Mental factors and social factors that affects the physical symptoms must be cured at early because later they may cause other mental issues