What are the steps involved to become a psychiatrist

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What are the steps involved to become a psychiatrist

The field in which various psychiatrists in Gurgaon work is known as psychiatry. This medical field mainly focuses on recovering people from their mental health problems, behavioral and emotional disorders. But to become a successful and renowned psychiatrist in Gurgaon is not an easy task. It requires a lot of study and patience for years.

After completing the undergraduate course, various doctors pursue a two-year-long specialization in the field of psychiatry, then they get their license to work as a psychiatrist in various government and private hospitals. To work as a licensed psychiatrist in Gurgaon, a handsome amount of investment is also required with proper planning and an ongoing commitment to studying continuously. In this blog,

we will present some of the key steps which are required in becoming a psychiatrist.

  1. Complete the bachelor's degree program - The most important step to become a psychiatrist in Gurgaon is to complete the bachelor's degree with some renowned and accredited institution. While you are pursuing a UG MBBS degree, you should also take a pre-medical specialization in psychology or psychiatry because both psychologists and psychiatrist jobs are almost the same. After this, you can choose a 2-year post-degree specialization.
  2. Take medical college admission test - The next is to take admission to a medical college for gaining PG specialization knowledge of psychiatry field. You can go through various medical colleges entrance tests that offer specialization in the field of psychiatry. You can go through them through various online methods or can take suggestions from relatives and friends. Most medical institutions accept approx. 511 marks out of 528 marks.
  3. Complete an MD or DO program - If the students are not ready to pursue 2 years specialization in psychiatry, then he/she can choose to complete an MD or DO program from various medical institutions. This program makes students eligible for various types of residency programs. And students can choose or give their another 4 years towards residency program of psychiatry to work as a psychiatrist in Gurgaon and other cities.
  4. Earn and maintain licensed and board-certified - The various medical professionals including that of psychiatrists in Gurgaon require some license to open their private clinics or work in hospitals with a certification to be eligible for looking into various patients. With this last step, you will be regarded as the licensed and certified psychiatrist in Gurgaon.