How to overcome Depression in young people

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How to overcome Depression in young people

Now a day’s depression is a common thing and it is basically observed in young people. Even it is also observed that this depression can sustain for a week or month. According to the psychiatrist in Gurgaon, there are certain reasons to make young people sad and depressed and if these issues are not addressed and resolved on time it can be fatal.

Symptoms of depression

Depression can lead young people to commit suicide. It should be handled carefully. According to the psychiatrist in Gurgaon following symptoms can be observed for a depressed person

  • Feel irritable or grumpy
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Feeling unimportant or guilty
  • Having thought of committing suicide
  • Reckless sleeping
  • Lack of focus and motivation
  • Lose of interest from everything even from food.
  • Change in weight in terms of gaining or losing
  • Getting indulge in smoking, drinking and having drugs

  • It is also observed that there are behavior change can be taken place of a young man or a teen

  • Hiding from the social appearance
  • Getting low marks in the exam
  • Unnecessarily taking the risk

  • Cause of depression

    According to the psychiatrist in Gurgaon, there may be several causes that lead to depression, since it is a mental disease. The reasons for depression can be listed as

  • Conflict with friends and families.
  • Shifting of a school or house
  • Being bullied in schools or society
  • Anxiety and thoughts about the future.
  • The pressure of studies and parents expectations.
  • The sudden death of a family member, break up, abuse
  • Sometimes chemical and biological changes lead to depression.

  • Treatment for Depression
    Depression is a serious disease and it could have a fatal result. According to a psychiatrist in Gurgaon, there are following steps can be taken to combat with depression

  • Consult the problems with your parents, friends or family
  • Workout regularly
  • Taking healthy foods
  • Spending time with relaxation
  • Spending time with hobbies