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Aparna Gupta


Aparna Gupta is a clinical psychologist and a highly experienced, well-established special educator from Mumbai. She has worked relentlessly in the field of psychology and special education in both India and abroad and carved a niche for herself in the profession. Aparna is extremely pleasant, warm, compassionate and an insightful person. She has an innate ability to understand people and the intellectual, psychological, emotional, social, and behavioural problems that cause individuals distress in their lives. She is a certified CBT practitioner for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Somatoform Disorders and OCD from Salford, UK. She is also proficient in the use of other therapies such as DBT, Mindfulness, ACT, Motivation Enhancement, Behaviour Therapy etc., for treating various psychiatric disorders such as personality disorders, psychosis etc.

Aparna Gupta has also worked extensively with child and student population and is well versed with disorders such as Learning Disorders, ADHD, Conduct Disorder etc., and has successfully dealt with issues such as social skills deficit, academic performance, relationship issues and behaviour problems. She is an experienced student assessment specialist and is affiliated with many reputed schools in Delhi NCR as external clinical psychologist for student assessment.


DegreesMBBS, M.D
Areas of Expertise
ClinicGurgaon Multispeciality Clinic