Psychology in the study of Human behaviours & human mind. A science which is continuously evolving due to changes in pattern of lifestyles. Psychologist are experts in this science & study human behavioural patterns & their mental abilities . Problems like Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, behavioural disorders, suicidal tendencies, emotional traumas, other child mental health and learning disorders, etc. require their guidance & support.

In Delhi, NCR & Gurgaon, a Psychologist plays a vital role in helping individuals attain better work-life balance due to high stress lifestyles. Internet usage, social stigmas, our own ego & self-esteem, school pressure & job pressures have all lead to tremendous increase in behavioural & mental health problems.

The family members of such patients need to consult a Psychologist for the client or for themselves and consider treatment consisting of psychotherapy or a combination of therapy with medication, as recommended.

Generally these patients may postpone or avoid going to a doctor for behavioural problems due to social stigmas but people need to be aware that these are the most important cause of concern in today’s time & need immediate attention.

Like adults, children also experience anxiety, learning issues, and trauma. With various forms of creative interventions, they can be helped and treated effectively.

Psychologists’ at Gurgaon Multispecialty Clinic offer multiple approaches to treatment, ranging from counselling, to therapies and medications. We are one of the best in NCR & Gurgaon as confidentiality of patients is combined with utmost care here.

Our Department of Psychology offers below mentioned services :-

( Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)ACT/ Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety & DepressionStress Management for students & Corporate Staff (As a CSR activity)Play Therapy & School based mental health servicesCouple and Marriage CounsellingSingle Parent & Adoption CounsellingSubstance abuse & Rehab guidance & counsellingCrisis CounsellingSuicidal tendencies & Dialectical Behaviour Therapy ( DBT)

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