In this era of Technological Advancement & Artificial Intelligence mental health has become a serious cause of concern. Stress, Competitive environment, identity crisis, anxiety, food habits & addictions have also raised a concern for mental wellbeing. It becomes even more challenging as people are afraid to talk about mental illness due to the social stigmas attached. Gurgaon Neuropsychiatric clinic provides expert comprehensive care to children, adolescents and adults. The services range from Psychological to behavioural & Psychiatric treatments for all age groups.

Gurgaon is an IT Hub wherein the executive class deals with stretched working hours, anxiety & stress in their daily lives. psychiatrist in Gurgaon for such IT executives is a must to analyse their behaviour disorders & to offer treatment for various mental health ailments like Depression, Anxiety, obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Delusional Disorder & Sexual Disorders. These ailments require personal attention by the doctors, studying the problem & then drawing the suggestive measures & corrective treatments. And one with these problems should deal with the best psychiatrist in Gurgaon.

Our psychiatric Department with team of top 10 psychiatrist in gurgaon treats Bipolar Affective Disorder, Personality Disorders, Substance Abuse (Alcohol, smoking, drugs),Dementia, Learning Disabilities, Nervous Breakdown, Head Injuries, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Stress Management. Like any other ailment, mental illness is curable. The only thing needed is love, care giving, proper guidance, apt treatment & medication. They access your symptoms, analyse, and prepare a roadmap for effective treatment. The Treatment consists of Therapies, medications & other latest technologies.

The lifestyle of urban people, especially Delhi & Gurgaon has drastically affected the behaviour patterns of not only adults but also children & adolescents. At every step proper guidance & help is required. Generally the therapies in behavioural ailments range from IQ Assessment, Assessment for ADHD, Bio Feed Back, Neuropsychological Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Guidance for self-help & Peer Help. These assessments are important as every patient’s need is different.

Procedures Offered:-


  • Analysing simple & complex behaviour disorders
  • Observing & treating suicidal tendencies by maintaining confidentiality
  • Old Addictions which are difficult to curb
  • Overall mental health wellbeing & guiding good lifestyle
  • Corporate Behavioural Sessions for stress & Anxiety Management
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse
  • Clinical as well as non-clinical therapies
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Psychiatrist are the doctors who help in curing the person who are suffering or diagnosed with mental disorders. They assess all your mental problems.

When you are undergoing any mental problems and the symptoms of that disease start to increase with time, that is the time you must consult with your psychiatrist before it get worse.

Psychiatrist look after all the problems related to mental health or neurological problems. They are experts in mental health.

You can’t say whether it can be fully cured or not, because it depends in the persons capability too. But the psychiatrist with their medications and other treatment help you in alleviating such problems.

Yes, they give medications and psychotherapy to their patients. It helps in improving their symptoms. Medications given with psychotherapy help in making it effective.

Psychiatrist is a person who has a medical degree and they have the right to prescribe psychotropic medications. Psychotherapist is basically a professional term for those persons who are trained to treat other people for their mental or emotional problems.